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New Yakari: “Beach, Beach”

Yakari might be a unknown band for almost everyone of you. Perhaps some swiss readers might know them, because they’ve played a lot of concert around Switzerland in the past 3 years and were able to get quite a nice fanbase with their post-rock songs.

Now, as summer is in full flood, the guys released a song called “Beach, Beach”. I don’t think there’s much too say about this combination, except: Enjoy it!

mp3 | Beach, Beach

The song (and many others, including contributions from Yuri Member, Zigitros, Galopp, Doomenfels, Mr. Soul, Zumaboost, The Legendary Lightness, Teen Majestic, Combineharvester and Fai Baba) can be found on River Sound Tape Sampler “Summer Hits 2010”, which you can order at for dirt cheap CHF 9.95 – go and get it!

New Matt Costa: “The Season”

Just two days ago I posted about the upcoming third Matt Costa album Mobile Chateau. But when I checked my inbox this there was a nice surprise waiting for me: A free Matt Costa song called “The Season”.

The song sounds definitely much less like the pop tunes he had on Unfamiliar Faces. Using background singers, mouth organ and reverb guitars, “The Season” reminds me of Zombies tunes from their masterpiece Odessey & Oracle, which really is a good thing!

Mobile Chateau is out on September 21st via Brushfire Records.

mp3 | The Season

New Deerhunter: “Revival”

Finally we get to hear a first song from the new Deerhunter album Halcyon Digest which will be released in fall. “Revival” is for now part of a 7″ and is quite a percussive summer gem in my ears, with background singers that remind of Dent May somehow.  This song, together with a really nice b-side called “Primitive 3D” make us definitly ready for more!

Halcyon Digest is out September 28 on 4AD.

mp3 | Revival

mp3 | Primitive 3D

New Beck: “Summertime” (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Soundtrack)

It’s just amazing everytime to hear a new Beck song. Although this one isn’t a cut from an upcoming album, but from the soundtrack to the upcoming movie “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”. Beck has written songs for Michael Cera’s fictional band Sex Bob-Omb, some of them made the cut and will be in the movie and the actors sing over them. As there were also some songs that weren’t chosen for the movies, it was decided that they will be added as bonus tracks on the deluxe versions of the album.

“Summertime” is one of these songs. The jam really reminds me of Beck at Odelay-times, especially of the song “Minus”! Means grungy guitars and fuzzy voice! Great one!

I am so looking forward to this movie and it’s soundtrack!

Beck – Summertime by Weallwantsomeone

New Ra Ra Riot: “Boy”

In the two years since New York’s Ra Ra Riot put out their debut album. After a big tour, their lead singer Wes Miles teamed up with Vampire Weekend’s Rostam for an LP under the name of Discovery. I didn’t really dig Discovery too much, so I’m really happy that Wes got back to his band to record a new album. And here comes the first full MP3 from the band’s followup LP The Orchard: produced by Ra Ra Riot and Andrew Maury, with mixing from Chris Walla (plus one song by Rostam), and, at least on “Boy”. I’ve fallen in love with this song already!

The Orchard is out 8/24 via Barsuk. Must-buy already because of the cover, look at it after the jump!

mp3 | Boy (Must Have!)

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New El Guincho: “Bombay”

It’s a quite rare thing to happen that a spanish speaking artist is getting international acclaim, if it isn’t a mainstream act. Spanish electronic producers, however, seem to be welcomed with open arms by blogs and critics. (See Matias Aguayo as an example)

Spanish rhythm-obsessed El Guincho is also one of them. He just released a great EP of new covers of South American standards, called Piratas de Sudamérica Vol. 1, and now he’s already got a full-length, Pop Negro, ready for release later this year. A first cut from his new work might be the song steeldrum-loaded “Bombay” which he offers for free on his website.

mp3 | Bombay